Dr2 View "Half Light Music" by Half Light Music


CD TITLE: Half Light Music
ARTIST: Half Light Music
RELEASE DATE: July 16th, 2010
BAND MEMBERS: Cheyenne Goff ~ (vocals, guitar))
  Donnie Patty ~ (bass)
Brett Kropog ~ (drums performed by)
Martin Yount ~ (guitar)
2) Second Best
3) E-Girl
4) Make Up Your Mind
5) The Dream
6) Yeah
7) Find In Me
8) The Gambler
9) She Walks
RECORDED AT: Pearl Sound
PRODUCED BY: Chuck Alkazian

Dr2 View:  

Half Light Music has never taken the easy road to success.  Born from the ashes of Captial / Epic Recording Artists, Bliss 66, Half Light Music picks up where Bliss 66 left off, working on this self titled debut disc for the better part of a year, this Chuck Alkazian collaboration is an incredible first effort with 9 well-crafted, radio-ready, cohesive tracks! Cheyenne Goff (Vox) clearly demonstrates his lyrical mastery along with his ability to combine rhythm and melody to create music that clearly draws on a basic rock structure, but at the same time, offers a unique, defining sound that is completely his own.  Reuniting with Donny Patty and newly re-joined by Bob Cook on drums, there is a strong, solid backbeat, but the "sound" of Half Light Music is created with the unique combination of Goff's Acoustic Guitar layered over the infectious rock guitar licks of Martin Yount, delivering a distinctive sound that perfectly showcases Cheyenne's eminently recognizable, yet plaintive vocals.  With no shortage of hooks, this disc is certain to please fans from a huge cross-section of the rock landscape.  The first track, Mayday, gets it started exactly how we at DR2 wish every band would, drop kicking a song that immediately grabs your attention, is representative of what you will hear throughout the remainder of the disc, and presents one of the strongest hooks you can muster! That's how you grab someone's attention and get them to keep listening, with its head-over-heels-in-love plea "you got me cryin' mayday!.." it has a hook that you'll find yourself singing hours later, an instant classic.  Followed up by Second Best and Extraordinary Girl, this disc quickly impresses you with the emotion and lyrical strength that is prominent in every song.  With arrangements and vocals that bleed emotion and suffering throughout, the tone is very nearly grunge in its desperate tone yet never approaches depressing, in fact, it is somehow hopeful and catchy.  Cheyenne Goff has always been a prolific writer and with this most recent effort, has shown himself to be in top form; undoubtedly this collection of Half Light Music is sure to grab some well-deserved attention.  So, now it is up to you to get your copy!  The DR2 preferred method would be to get out to a show, listen for yourself, then pick up a copy from the band, but it is also available for download on iTunes. Be sure to check these guys out, to find them on the web, just click on the Dr2 Links where we've posted a link to their site. DetroitRockReview.com - The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!